2017 CCD Day

CCD day celebrated took place in the Church Hall on May, 28th, 2017 at 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Several classes participated in showing their talents with songs and dances. Furthermore, there was a 12th grade CCD graduation ceremony, where students expressed their memories and thoughts about their CCD faith formation. Additionally, over 200 IPTF and CCD awards were distributed. Special thanks to Fr. Joshy, the parent reps, CCD/IPTF coordinators, CCD teachers, award distribution team, sound/playback/light team, backstage crew, parents, and more, for making it happen. Everyone played an important role to make this day a success. It was through coordination and dedication, from a strong willed and determined team, that brought the united success in this project. We want to see more kids on stage, more prizes awarded, and more participation from our youth. In essence, CCD day was a way for the students to come together and express their talents given by God. It was a way to see new talent and bring back memories of the past. Together, as one parish, one team, and one family, the church gathered for another moment. We will see you all next year for CCD Day 2018.