2017 Youth Camp

Youth camps was, as always, the highlight of my spring break. We inaugurated youth camp like we should begin all things - with prayer. Soon after that we headed back to our cabins so we could all get a good night's sleep for the busy day we had planned for Saturday. Alas, that was not meant to be as we all caught up. After breakfast on Saturday, we all got ready for the video scavenger hunt. Everyone scrambled around taking photos at the cabins, the lake, with the chaperones, and singing songs on stage. When that winded down, we all played throw ball and other fun activities. After lunch, we all played capture the flag. There were some suspicious moves by both teams but it was still very fun. In the evening, there was a massive game of kabbadi. Everybody had loads of fun and there were huge upsets to every team. Unfortunately, Alvin gave his elbow to get three people out. We will all keep him in our prayers. The next morning everyone was tired and sore. We were able to setup some four square type game in the hall and it was loads of fun. In the afternoon, we all celebrated Holy Qurbana together as a youth group. Many thanks to Joshy Uncle and Achan for coming all the way to celebrate Holy Qurbana with us. After dinner, there was a water balloon fight and everyone got soaked! Thankfully, we were able to get the campfire lit and we all dried up while eating some delicious smores. When it got dark, the horror movie started. We watched Light's Out which was pretty scary. Thankfully, the campfire was still alight when we came back so we all sat around singing campfire songs till we were all too tired and fell asleep. Monday was full of rain and goodbyes as we all bid farewell. A huge thank you to our youth coordinators and chaperones for yet another hugely successful youth camp.