Family Camping

St. Thomas Family Camp, Fun, Friendship, Faith and more...

This year Family camping held on May 5th May 7th at Bonham Park, Texas. About 120 people attended the camping. After a short break, St. Thomas Family Camp had taken place once again. The camp, which took place in Bonham had about 120 people that came in support of our church. I was astonished the amount of participation. Most of all, I could tell the parents and children we were having a great time.

I believe camping helps bring our community together. It gives us the opportunity to get to know new families, enjoy each other’s company, and socialize with one another, I was pleased to see people of all ages work together and have fun while making memories. Gathering firewood and making a campfire were some of our most memorable moments. We all took pleasure in cooking, eating, praying together in order to strengthen our faith as well as interact with each other.

Thank you to each and every one of you who worked hard to make this an enjoyable experience. I am looking forward to meeting families and uniting our community to bring us closer God.