Holy Communion and Confirmation

The Solemn Holy Communion and Confirmation for our children was held on Sunday April 30, 2017 during the 9:30 am Holy Qurbana. Both sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation were administered by His Excellency Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath. The children who received these Holy sacraments this year were: Aaron Gladwin Jacob, Alan Thomas, Alphonse Alexis, Aron Sebastian, Christian George Philip, Daniel Matt Bins, Eric Binu Joseph, Ishan George, Joel Tony Mathew, Nathan John Stepp, Nathan Symon, Paul John, Aleena Sojan, Anna Treesa Chathampadathil, Elizabeth Mary Olickal, Hannah Mary Sebastian, Isabel Marie Olickal, Nitsa Maria Joseph, Olivia Treasa Ben, Sara Mary John, Tessa Maria Vinod and Varsha Biju.

Thank you to the entire parish community for being part of these memorable moments in our children’s lives where they receive the Holy Eucharist, marking an important milestone in their spiritual journey. Thanks to all the family members, grandparents and relatives who came from out of country and across the United States to bless their little ones in this celebration.

Special thanks to our beloved Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath, who found time to be with us for three days, administered the sacraments to our kids and inspired us with a powerful Homily. In his own words, our beloved Bishop mentioned that he was grateful to the parents, teachers and the whole parish community who came together to celebrate this memorable event. He reminds us that the Holy Eucharist is the food for the soul, and we are in communion with our Lord Jesus, who promised to send the helper Holy Spirit to strengthen us during every moment of our life. He quoted the words of St. Mother Teresa, "Even though you might not be successful in your life, try to be faithful to God." Special thanks to our Achan, for his spiritual leadership and prayers. Special thanks to the teachers, Mrs. Shirley Shaji and Mrs. Dawnia Nellikunnel for preparing these children for the Sacraments. Thanks also belongs to our CCD coordinator, Silvy Chamaparambil, the parent reps and all the CCD teachers. Thanks to the Liturgy team, Trustees Joseph Valiaveedu and Manjith Kainickara for their leadership, the Youth Choir members for the spirit filled music, sound system coordinators, parish council members, Mathru Jyothis, Mrs. Lincy Thalakulam for the beautiful decorations, homemade food preparation team and to all volunteers who helped to make this a memorable day.