Holy Week Celebrations

Easter, the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, was on Saturday, March 31st which marked the end of Holy Week. This year, we celebrated the season with an active participation from the entire community. Joshy Achan began this season with his house blessing visits to renew the spirit of the parishioners. The four day retreat led by Fr. Joseph Puthenpurackal gave parishioners an opportunity to pause and examine themselves during their busy life.

Parishioners enjoyed the powerful message that came with his great sense of humor. During the Holy Thursday service, Joshy Achan conveyed the message of humility through the ceremonious washing of the feet.


On Good Friday, Fr. Joseph Puthenpurackal gave a very beautiful message on how we can reflect on Christ’s life through sufferings in our day to day life. The Holy Saturday service was followed by the distribution of Holy Water and blessed candles.


On Easter, Fr. Joseph Puthenpurackal was the main celebrant and gave the message of repentance and renewing of our spirits in cooperation with the spirit of Christ who dwells within us as our savior for all time. 
The Holy Qurbana was followed by the Snehavirunnu.