Pilgrim Mother of Fatima Joins her Children at St. Thomas on Fathers' Day

As we revel in the feast and blessings of Dukhrana, our church had a preceding visit of statue of Our Lady of Fatima. This year the Feast of St. Thomas was special to us due it being the 25th year of our church installation. I see it as a divine blessing that the Virgin statue of our  Mother herself came to bless our church before our great celebration.Our Pilgrim Mother from Fatima joined St. Thomas moms and Children to celebrate the Fathers' Day on June 18, 2017. Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Mother was received by Vicar Joshy Achan and St. Thomas Youth along with parishioners at 8:30 in the morning and welcomed to the church in a colorful processionWhen the statue of Our Lady of Fatima visited our church, it was a blessed feeling to receive her. Young boys and girls dressed in their traditional best, and with rose flowers in their hands moved ahead of the statue to the church and the whole church followed behind. The feeling of reverence was around as all believers walked with hymns in praise of Mary.

Looking at the Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima, one is filled with need of humbleness and to lead a life of simplicity, humility, and obedience. In a world, were we are constantly bombarded with temptations, being slanderous, selfish, conceited and willful to the flesh, by looking upon Mary, we get strength to hold steadfast in our faith and ask her intercession to give us strength to live a life pleasing to our Lord. Looking upon Mary, our Mother, we learn that it is not all about us, how great we want to become or achieve, but it is about God the Father, and submitting to His will, and being obedient to His will. The Parish faithfulls gave a heartfelt send-off to Our Mother who continued her pilgrim journey to St. Rita Parish in Dallas.