St. Thomas Night

The long awaited St. Thomas Night premiered on Friday, June 30th, 2017, in our Parish Hall after the Holy Qurbana. With a collection of various talents and felicitations, the Plano, Allen and Murphy Presudenti ward members coordinated the 9th day of our perunnal. As our Rev. Father George Elambasseril opened the night of excitement, it allowed all the parishioners, children, youth and adults to come and celebrate St. Thomas Night 2017. Special thanks to Rev. Father George Elambasseril, Rev. Fr. Jilson Naduviledathu, Rev. Fr. Cyriac Devasia SJ, the Trustees, Manjith Kainickara and Moncy Valiaveedu, and Secretary Lovly Francis for their beautiful messages for our parish.

The night began with a melodious prayer song from our very talented CCD choir, coordinated by Simi Pulickal, and ended with a youth finale dance. Later that night, many parishioners got on stage and danced to a mashup of Bollywood songs. A prayer dance coordinated by Deepa Sunny and Cici Ozhukayil consisted of little children bringing out the colorful themes of prayer in a beautiful setting of synchronized dancing. An elementary school dance coordinated by Juliet Mulungan, was another item which was an amazing experience and setting to be a part of. It brought immense color and beauty to the stage as little children brought a dance to life. Live music, played and sung by the Christian Hits band, coordinated by Paul Thomas, brought a little variety for the St. Thomas night.

It was amazing to see the Mathru Jyothis group perform an outstanding Margam Kali on stage, under the leadership of Deepa Sunny. This was an inspiration to many, as people should continue to show their talents given to us by God. The Presudenti ward members performed an exceptional group dance, coordinated by Julie Jacob, which brought massive energy from the audience. It was a mix of fast and upbeat Bollywood styles. Another group item from the leadership of Silgi Augustine, was the musical theater production, something never witnessed in our St. Thomas community. This item was truly a piece of poetic and innovative creativity and style. It brought uniqueness and innovation to the stage performances. Several adults and kids from all ages participated in a skit, coordinated by Shaju John, which was another captivating performance that appealed to the audience.