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Family Year 2015 Prayer

God our loving Father, as we observe 2015 as the Family Year, we the members of St. Thomas SyroMalabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago, as a family praise you and glorify you. We thank you for making us your sons and daughters through Jesus Christ your Son and our Savior. May the Holy Spirit help our families everywhere to be united in love and be faithful to the Gospel.


God of mercy, bless and sanctify our family relationships. Help the couples to be united in love and fidelity. Shower your grace and wisdom on our children. Guide our youth with your divine light. Protect us from all dangers of body, mind and soul. Help us to keep the integrity and sanctity of our families. Bless us with your loving presence so that our families may become 'God's field and His Household (1 Cor: 3:9).


May the Holy Family of Nazareth inspire our families to live a holy life. Let the Holy Spirit spare us from all temptations and make our families sweet homes of communion and prayer and finally enable us to reach our eternal home.    Amen.


Holy Family of Nazareth, Bless our families.

St. Chavara Kuriakose Elias, St. Alphonsa and St. Euprasia, Pray for our families.


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