Mother Teresa Canonized “St. Teresa of Calcutta” By Pope Francis, She Lives!


Vatican City. September 5.

Lights, Cameras, Action. Reporting live from St. Peter’s Square on the inaugural Feast Day of the newly canonized Santa Teresa Di Calcutta. Surrounded by tens of thousands of pilgrims from every nation, religion and political party, reflecting the people Mother Teresa cared for with compassion and a clear mission. Leading by example to bring more souls to Jesus. It has been an amazing personal journey with profound grace to witness Mother Teresa and her legacy first hand over the past 28 years since we first met in India. Her selfless commitment to God and humanity set the stage for one of the world’s most dramatic mysteries “The Making of a Saint.”

While on one hand it could be construed that her canonization on this September 4th was the culmination of her holy work, the reality is that the story and fruit of God’s plan for her purpose in the world has really just begun. Mother Teresa, now St. Teresa of Calcutta, during her brief time on earth planted the seeds of service to God deeply in many hearts thirsting for their life to have meaning.

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