Pope says family is where people learn communication



Beginning with an unborn child's relationship with his mother, the family is where members of the church and wider society learn the essential lessons of communication, Pope Francis said. "Communicating the Family: a Privileged Place of Encounter With the Gift of Love" is the theme of this year's World Communications Day, which most dioceses will mark May 17, the Sunday before Pentecost. The pope's message for the day was released Jan. 23, vigil of the feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists. "The womb which hosts us is the first 'school' of communication," the pope writes.


"This encounter between two persons, so intimately related while still distant from each other, an encounter so full of promise, is our first experience of communication. It is an experience which we all share, since each of us was born of a mother." After birth, "the family is where we learn to live with others despite our differences," Pope Francis writes. "In the family we realize that others have preceded us, they made it possible for us to exist and, in our turn, to generate life and to do something good and beautiful. We can give because we have received. This virtuous circle is at the heart of the family's ability to communicate among its members and with others. More generally, it is the model for all communication."