Weekly Announcements

1. Holy Qurbana and Adoration Live from our church

Since public Holy Qurbana is temporarily suspended in our church as per the directive from the Diocese of Chicago, there will be a Holy Qurbana Live from our church on Sundays and weekdays at the following youtube channel at 8:30 am.

Holy Qurbana Time: 8:30 am

We will also have Adoration on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 pm.

If you would like to have a Memorial Holy Qurbana for a family member, please communicate with Joshy achan. Please contact achan through the phone for your spiritual needs.


2. General House Blessing and General Absolution Live Stream

A general house blessing for all of our homes will be given by Rev. Fr. George Elambasseril during this lent time. This will be live-streamed from our church at the following times.

Since it is not possible to provide individual confessions at our church during this pandemic, our Parish Priest Rev. Fr. George Elambasseril will also be administering a General Absolution at the following times and this will be live-streamed. 

Saturday, April 4th 2020: 10 am

Sunday, April 5th, 2020: 8 pm

Monday, April 6th, 2020: 8 pm

Please go to the following link for General House Blessing, General Absolution, Adoration and Holy Qurbana from our church.


3. Holy Week Schedule

In light of restrictions to the public gatherings, our parish priest will be celebrating the rites of the Holy week without a congregation. These will be live-streamed from our church.

Palm Sunday - Holy Qurbana, April 5th, 2020: 9 am

Holy Thursday Liturgy, April 9th, 2020: 7 pm (All are encouraged to observe the breaking of bread at the house.)

Good Friday, April 10th, 2020:  

Adoration: 9 am - 10 am 

Good Friday Liturgy: 10 am

Holy Saturday - Holy Qurbana with the renewal of baptismal pledge, April 11th, 2020: 8:30 am

Easter Vigil - Solemn Holy Qurbana - Liturgy of the Resurrection, Saturday, April 11th, 2020: 7 pm

Easter Morning, Sunday, April 12th, 2020: 8:30 am

Note: All services will be in Malayalam. The live stream will be available at the following:


The circular from Diocese of Chicago regarding Holy Week Celebrations is given below: 

Guidelines for Celebration of Holy Week Guidelines for Celebration of Holy Week (769 KB)  [Last Updated:30-Mar-2020 10:59 PM]

4. Precautions to stop the community spread of coronavirus

Given the recent developments in the spread of the coronavirus and as per the directive from the Diocese of Chicago, we are temporarily suspending public Holy Qurbana in our church. 

1. Public Holy Qurbana in our church is temporarily suspended.

2. Our parish Vicar will be celebrating private Holy Qurbana during the regular Holy Qurbana time on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

3. All parishioners are requested to pray at home and continue to read the Bible, Lenten Meditations, rosary and other Christian devotions.

4. CCD is temporarily suspended.

5. The General Body (March 22nd) will be rescheduled to a later date. The new date will be announced later.

6. The Lenten Retreat is cancelled.

7. The First Holy Communion (April 19th) is postponed. The new date will be announced later.

8. House blessings and prayer meetings are temporarily suspended.

9. The parish hall will be closed until further notice.

10. All meetings in the church and parish hall are cancelled until further notice. All necessary meetings will be conducted through conference calls.

Let us continue to pray for those who are affected by the coronavirus and to contain the spread of the disease. Let us also ask our Lord Jesus Christ to protect Healthcare professionals from any diseases and give them the strength to help the sick and needy during this time of crisis.

5. Prayer Ministry

If you have a prayer request, please contact the prayer ministry leaders, Mary and Michael Kallarackal at (201) 563-0727. Everyone is welcome to join the prayer ministry and also to be part of the intercessory prayer sessions. Please contact the prayer ministry leaders if you would like to join the ministry. 

6. Santhome Life Center Updates

The Santhome Life Center Executive committee was formed to continue the construction of the Santhome Life Center Project and His Excellency Mar Jacob Angadiyath approved the list during his visit to Dallas on February 7th. Fr. George Elambasseril announced the names of the Executive Committee members on February 9th after both Holy Qurbanas. Congratulations and best wishes to the Santhome Life Center Executive Committee.

The first Santhome Life Center Executive committee meeting was held on February 16th immediately after the 2nd Holy Qurbana in the parish hall. A meeting was held on Saturday, February 22nd between the Finance Committee and Construction Committee.

Mrs. Elsy Philip gave a quick update to the parishioners on Sunday, February 23rd after both Holy Qurbanas.

The Santhome Life Center Executive Committee had a meeting with the General Contractor to discuss the next steps on Thursday, February 26th. Trustee Jerin Thenayan provided an update on this meeting to the parishioners after both Holy Qurbanas on Sunday, March 1st.

Thanks to all the parishioners who have offered a pledge for the Santhome Life Center. All parishioners who have pledged are requested to make the payment so that we can continue with the activities of the Santhome Life Center project.

For those who still wish to make a pledge, the pledge forms are available in the narthex and on the following link. The completed pledge forms can be submitted to the parish office.  

See below for the attached pledge form. 

Santhome Life Center Pledge Form

7. 2020 St. Thomas Calendar

The St. Thomas Parish Calendar for 2020 with the daily Bible Reading and parish events are available to use. The calendar was distributed during caroling. If you have not received one, please contact the parish office. The calendar is attached below.

2020 St. Thomas Calendar 2020 St. Thomas Calendar (15422 KB)  [Last Updated:30-Dec-2019 09:53 AM]