Weekly Announcements

1. 2019 Summer Retreat by Fr. Daniel Poovannathil

We will be having a summer retreat by Fr. Daniel Poovannathil. The retreat dates are scheduled to be from Thursday, May 23rd to Sunday, May 26th. The schedule for the retreat is as follows:

Thursday, May 23rd: 4 pm to 9 pm

Friday, May 24th: 4 pm to 9 pm

Saturday, May 25th: 4 pm to 9 pm

Sunday, May 26th: 9 am to 5 pm

Fr. Daniel Poovannathil has sent us a prayer for the retreat. Please pray for the retreat using this prayer. The prayer cards are available in the narthex. We would like to thank Thomas Varkey (parish council) for designing and printing the prayer cards.

2. Life Teen - Catholic Highschoolers conference

LifeTeen is hosting Steubenville Conference for high-schoolers ages 14-18 on June 21 st – June 23rd. The conference will be held in Irving. We encourage all our highschoolers to attend this conference. It is a catholic conference made specifically for highschoolers and youth from churches all over Texas will be attending.There will be speakers from all over the nation. The registration fee is 250$ which includes fees, hotel, food and a shirt.

We will also need chaperones. If you are interested or have any questions about the conference and registration, please contact Leslie Thomas or Tiffany Antony.

3. 2019 St Thomas 10 day Thirunnal

This year's St Thomas 10-day Thirunnal will be starting with Kodiyettam on June 21st and ending with main Thirunnal on June 30th. Each day from June 21st to June 27th will be hosted by one of our prayer wards. If any one would like to be the Presudenti for one of these days from June 21st to June 27th, please contact your ward representatives or church office.

4. St Thomas Parish Thirunnal - 2020

If any family or families are interested to be Presudenti of next year’s (2020) main Thirunnal (3 days), please contact trustees or church office by Sunday June 9th.  

5. St. Thomas Night - Register by May 26th

This year's St. Thomas Night will be on Friday, June 28th. All ministries are welcome to do a program along with CCD children, youth and senior youth. There will be a Margam Kali in front of the church on St. Thomas Night. All young adults and ladies from our parish are welcome to participate.

If you are interested to participate in St. Thomas Night, please provide your names to Mathew Ozhukayil, Sherly Shaji, Ann Chukkiriyan, Deepa Thomas, Juliet Mulangan or your ward representatives on or before May 26th.

6. Welcome to Seminarian Goodwin Francis

St Thomas parish welcomes Seminarian Goodwin Francis as a guest to our parish.

7. CCD Announcements

CCD Registration: Regular registration for next school year, 2019-2020 had ended on May 19th. After May 19th, CCD registration can be done with a small late registration fee. Forms were sent out through the children. The registration form is also available to download from the link below.

CCD classes for the Year 2019-2020 will be starting on August 18th.

CCD Registration Form CCD Registration Form (29 KB)  [Last Updated:31-Mar-2019 10:50 PM]

8. Mother's Day, 12th Grade Graduation and CCD Day

Our parish celebrated Mother’s Day, CCD day and the 12th Grade graduation on Sunday, May 12th. It was a great moment to remember our Mothers and thank God for all the blessings He has showered upon them. The celebrations started with the Holy Qurbana at 8:30 am, followed by a group photo of all the Mothers, lunch, the 12th Grade graduation and CCD day celebrations. We also had prize distributions and awards for CCD students during the celebrations. 

Our special thanks to CCD Day Coordinator Paul Thomas, CCD Coordinators Silvy Cham and Jilson Mathew, CCD teachers who prepared the children, CCD parent representatives, volunteers, St. Thomas Dads, choir, liturgy and parish council members.

Mathru Jyothi would like to thank all the men of the church who put in the effort of cooking such a delicious meal for the mothers on Mother’s Day. The gesture was very well appreciated.

9. Family Camp - May 17th to the 19th

Our parish had our Annual Family Camp from May 17th to the 19th at Bonham State Park. More than 30 families attended the family camp. Our thanks to the coordinators Mathew Ozhukayil, Thomas Varkey and the volunteers.

10. Inter Parish Talent Festival - 2020

Our parish will be hosting the Inter Parish Talent Festival next year. If you are interested to volunteer as an IPTF coordinator, please contact Mathew Ozhukayil, Juliet Mulangan or the parish office.

11. Syro Malabar Family Convention

The upcoming 2019 Diocesan Syro Malabar Family Convention will be held in Houston, Texas. The following details are listed below:

Date: August 1, (Thursday) to August 4, (Sunday)
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Houston
The Way of St. Thomas, the Way to Holiness
Hosting Parish: St. Joseph Syro Malabar Forane Catholic Church, Houston

The convention team has released a promo video announcing the 7th Syro Malabar National Convention in Houston.

Please see the attached registration form and the brochure.

Convention Registration Form

Convention Brochure

For more details, please contact Mr. Paul Thomas Edattukaran (214) 608-2046.

12. Youth and Adult Altar Service Ministry

If anyone would like to join the Youth and Adult Altar Service Ministry, please contact Manjith Kainickara at (972) 679-8555.

13. 2019 St. Thomas Calendar

The St. Thomas Parish Calendar with the daily Bible Reading and parish events are available to use. Please use the link below.

2019 St Thomas Calendar (PDF)

14. Choir Ministry

If anyone would like to join the Choir Ministry, please contact Vincent Valiaveetil (214) 934-0371 for the Adult Choir and Irene Kalloor (469) 463-6098 or Simi Pulikkiel (214) 934-6119 for the Youth and Children’s choirs. 

15. Pre-Marriage Course (Pre-Cana) 2019

The Pre-Marriage Course (Pre-Cana) was hosted by the St. Thomas Forane Catholic Church at Mount Lebanon Retreat Center (1701 Texas Plume Rd, Cedar Hill, TX 75104) on Friday, May 17th through Sunday, May 19th. The course started at 4:00 pm on Friday and concluded on Sunday at 1:00 pm. There were more than 45 young adults attended the Pre-Cana.

16. Santhome Life Center

Thank you to all the parishioners who have offered a pledge for the Santhome Life Center. Those who still wish to make a pledge, the pledge forms are available in the narthex and on the following link. The completed pledge forms can be submitted to the parish office.

See below for the attached pledge form. 

Santhome Life Center Pledge Form