Weekly Announcements

1. Feasts of the Apostles St. Paul and St. Peter

We will be celebrating the Feasts of the Apostles St. Paul and St. Peter on Friday, January 17th. Holy Qurbana will be at the regular time at 7 pm.

2. Feast of St. Sebastian

We will be celebrating the Feast of St. Sebastian on Monday, January 20th. If you would like to sponsor the feast, please contact the parish office.

3. NO All Day Adoration on January 13th

There will be NO all day adoration this month on January 13th. There will be a rosary in the courtyard at 7 pm in the evening.

4. Prayer Ministry - Intercessory prayer on January 19th

The Prayer Ministry will be having intercessory prayer in our chapel on Sunday, January 19th from 12 pm to 1 pm. 

If you have a prayer request, please place your request in the box available in the chapel or contact the prayer ministry leaders, Mary and Michael Kallarackal at (201) 563-0727. Everyone is welcome to join the prayer ministry and also to be part of the intercessory prayer sessions. Please contact the prayer ministry leaders if you would like to join the ministry.

5. Special Thanks to Rev. Fr. Shanoy Mannathara

Special thanks to Rev. Fr. Shanoy John Mannathara for his liturgical services in our parish from December 17th to January 12th while our Joshy achan was on vacation.

6. IPTF 2020 Parish Talent Scan

The Parish Talent Scan Category 1 Water coloring and speech competitions were conducted on January 5th. Congratulations to the winners and participants.

Category 1 Water Coloring:

First  Mary Stepp 
Second  Evana Chathampadathil & Caleb Francis 
Third Sophia Ann Francis & Joanna John


First  Evana Chathampadathil                    
Second  Teena Vinod & Sophia Ann Francis 
Third    Sophia Sebastian & Ellen James

The Parish Talent Scan Category II, III and IV Essay writing competition was conducted in December.  Thanks to the coordinators Gladwin Jacob, Jerry George and Nimmy Sean. Congratulations to the winners and participants.

Essay Writing:

  Category II Category III Category IV
First       Saniya Grace Francis Hana Antony        Joanne Sebastian
Second   Ashley Sojan Noel Benny Jerin Mulangan
Third Sofia Mathew Julia Mathew Angela John

Bible Bee

Category II, III, V and adults competitions were conducted on Sunday, January 12th.

7. Mathru Jyothi New Officials

The Mathru Jyothi monthly meeting was held on January 12th after the 1st Holy Qurbana. The meeting started with a short prayer and was followed by the selection of officials for the term 2020-2021. Congratulations and best wishes to the new officials: Laisa Kochuparambil (President), Jais Abraham (Vice President), Sherly Shaji (Secretary), Enat Thomas (Joint Secretary), Lovely Francis (Treasurer) and Deepa Sunny (Special Events).

Special thanks and appreciation to the outgoing President, Sophie Kuriakose and Secretary, Sonia Sabu.

8. New Family Welcome

The New Family Welcome gathering will be on Saturday, January 25th at 6 pm. All new families who have joined our parish during 2019 are encouraged to attend. Your ward representatives will be providing more details on the event.

9. Pindi Kuthi Celebration

On Monday, January 6th we celebrated the Denaha Eve with a Pindi Kuthi Celebration. Children and adults prayerfully lit the lamps which were set up in the Vazhapindis in our narthex. Thanks to all the parishioners for their support and special thanks to Thomas Ranni and Sherly for donating their home grown Vazha Pindi (Plantain Trunks) for the Pindi Kuthi celebration. Also thanks to Rekha Benny, Sherly Shaji, Sonia Sabu, Biji Edward and Shaju John for coordinating this beautiful event. Special thanks to Fr. Shanoy Mannthara for his presence and prayers.

10. Dei Verbum Diocesan Bible Quiz - Zonal Level Guidelines

Bible Quiz: A St. Thomas Catholic Diocese of Chicago level Bible Quiz competition is being conducted currently for CCD children and Adults. The Bible Quiz was conducted at the parish level on November 24th, 2019. The winners of the Parish Level will be moving on to the Zonal Level.

The Zonal level competition will be conducted on February 2nd, 2020. The final competition will be at the Diocese of Chicago where the Zonal level winners will be advancing to the Diocesan level. The competition for adults will be both in Malayalam and English. 

The Zonal Test Guidelines are attached.

Dei Verbum 2020 Zonal Test Guidelines Dei Verbum 2020 Zonal Test Guidelines (184 KB)  [Last Updated:05-Jan-2020 09:11 PM]

11. Inter-Parish Talent Festival 2020 - Registration

The Inter-Parish Talent Fest: 2020 will be held during spring break from Friday, March 13th - Sunday, March 15th. Kindly mark your calendar and pray for the success of this event. Since our parish is hosting IPTF, we need a lot of volunteers and support from all parishioners.

The registration for Inter Parish Talent Fest in March has already started. All the qualified candidates are requested to register at the website:    https://www.iptf2020.com/registration. The registration will be ending on January 20th.

Thanks to Thomas Kunnumpurath for preparing the web application for registration.

12. Joshy achan's vacation

Joshy achan will be on vacation from December 26th to January 14th. Please keep achan in your prayers during his vacation and journey.

Fr. Shanoy John Mannathara will be in our parish while Joshy achan is on vacation. He can be contacted @ (202) 975-3020.

13. First Solemn Holy Communion and Confirmation - Sunday April 19th

The First Holy Communion and Confirmation will be on Sunday, April 19th. The main celebrant will be His Excellency Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath. All parishioners are invited to attend this celebration.

14. Santhome Life Center Update - Volunteers are needed

 A lot of volunteers from our community are needed for the successful completion of the Santhome Life Center Project. There was a table set up on Sunday, December 15th and December 22nd to sign-up for various committees of the project. If you are interested to volunteer, please contact Mathew Ozhukayil or the parish office.

Thanks to all the parishioners who have offered a pledge for the Santhome Life Center. All parishioners who had pledged are requested to make the payment in December so that we can continue with the activities of the Santhome Life Center.

For those who still wish to make a pledge, the pledge forms are available in the narthex and on the following link. The completed pledge forms can be submitted to the parish office.  

See below for the attached pledge form. 

Santhome Life Center Pledge Form

15. Adoration at Emmanuel Adoration Convent

There will be adoration at the Immanuel Adoration Convent Chapel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. All parishioners are welcome to join the adoration in the convent chapel.

Address of the Adoration Convent is: 801 Blazing Star, Garland, TX 75043

16. 2020 St. Thomas Calendar

The St. Thomas Parish Calendar for 2020 with the daily Bible Reading and parish events are available to use. The calendar was distributed during the caroling. If you have not received one please contact church office. The calendar is attached below.

2020 St. Thomas Calendar 2020 St. Thomas Calendar (15422 KB)  [Last Updated:30-Dec-2019 09:53 AM]

17. Ward Prayer Meetings

Sunday, January 19th: The St. Alphonsa (Allen/Plano) ward prayer meeting will be at Bijomon and Jancelin's house at 6:30 pm. 

18. Offerings

Flowers were offered by Francis & family for the death anniversary of their father Thomas Francis.